Golden Island Incentive


“To be able to help others, it’s good to know how to help yourself.”

My path to – broadly understood – mindfulness philosophy seemed long and twisty. But the word “seemed” is crucial here.

Today I know, that everything that I have experienced during this path was leading me to this place – in both meanings: to the remarkable Porto Santo and the mindfulness philosophy.

Hanna Hieronimczuk, today helps others in their path to mindfulness, in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Probably like no other in this sector knows, how to optimally perform changes, which part in us, people, to move, for mindfulness to be successful, especially towards business people. This kind of knowledge without being based on practice would be only a set of guidelines, but Hanna Hieronimczuk not only, throughout many years, learned mindfulness under the guidance of the best specialists, before heading this way, she was an accomplished business woman with international accomplishments.


For many years she worked in financial sector, accomplishing basically all career levels. Her achievement after over 20 years of career experience is senior executive title, position of General Manager. She achieved great successes in creating new business units, implementing innovative digital strategies, leadership position in business strategies, sale and market expansion. She took over mentor position in Vital Voices Chapter Poland, wanting to support woman in business world. She has many prestigious titles and mentions. She qualified as one of 19 woman across the globe to prestigious Global Women's Mentoring Partnership programme, co-organized by “Fortune 500” magazine and USA State Department, to achieve the title of Senior Practitioner Mindfulness Institute in the final, Professional Life Coach, Happiness Life Coach, Life Purpose Life Coach and Transformation Life coach.


Knowledge, which I have gathered throughout years of work in business, brought me to the place in which I am here and now. I started to notice that this less business oriented part of life, is vital to full and valuable life. It was a kind of breakthrough, a need of returning to myself, to breath deeply, to get in contact with nature, people, appeared. And there was no coming back. Lead by the instinct, I took a turn in this direction, I found masters and carefully learned from them, not giving up from business activities.

Business people often feel distant to the mindfulness philosophy, whereas it’s not magic, it’s not a collection of guidelines for every occasion, neurobiology explains this phenomenon accurately.

It’s an action, and simultaneously a lack of action. That’s why business people find themselves great at it. They are used to challenges, new ways, they are consistent and like to learn.

“I am not a master of ceremony nor mystical shaman, more like a guide, who leads across the twisty paths leading to self-discovery. I show the ways, which later we can go by ourselves.”