Golden Island Incentive


Meeting “From here to yourself” doesn’t have one precise, structured agenda.
For every one of us the “From here” begins in a different place.
We start form distinct places, from different times, because of that the meetings are tailor made, considering the needs and intentions of the guest….
but also in regard to personal preferences.

1. Consultation – this is the first on-line meeting during which we will get to know each other better, with an individual client, a representative of a group of interested people, or a representative of a corporation.

We will establish the current challenge, forms supporting its implementation, preferences, and whether we can and whether we want to cooperate together.

We will determine whether our cooperation will be only online or on the island of Porto Santo?

Or in a different formula created by us?

2. As a result of the first consultations, a program will be prepared, tailored to each person, group, company – individually.

It will be the direction of our path.

However, flexible, adapting to “life”.

3. After accepting the program, we begin our joint work – the journey.