Golden Island Incentive

There are tens of picturesque islands with paradise views.

Ocean sounds similar, sun sets similar.

But the Porto Santo Island is one of a kind.


Because of the unique microclimate and aura, which surrounds it. It’s no accident that it’s called the “Golden Island”, golden glare of the endless beaches, miraculous, healing sand mixed with heart of the nature – coral.

“Porto Santo” means “Holy harbour”, but it’s holiness doesn’t end there. First of all, one can find here
holy peace. This mysterious, elusive state, which we all crave.

Us, always in a hurry.

Us, always chasing the next challenge.

Finally us, who no one can stop.

… but it’s worth stopping.

If only, to breath fresh, unpolluted air, feel the wind in your hair, drink the first coffee while looking at the great ocean waves.

on Porto Santo you won’t visit any famous museums,
you won’t do 100 activities from “must see’’ list,
you won’t follow a guided tour.
It’s not a place like that.

On Porto Santo you will remind your body, what is a natural, full, breath,
you will take to the fullest the healthy sun.
you will slow down.
calm down,
focus on yourself,
come back to yourself…

The natural surroundings of the island and the “From here to yourself” meeting will help you in reaching that goal.

The legendary Christopher Columbus once lived on Porto Santo.

Yes, the one that discovered America.
He kept on discovering new lands.

Maybe, following the great explorer, you will be able to discover a new land on Porto Santo.

The “From here to yourself” meeting is a moment in life, in which you need to stop,
discover new areas of non-invasive self-growth,
integrate with nature,
receive knowledge, which will help you find peace – yourself in busy everyday life.

Don’t worry.
It’s not another coaching, nor an instruction on what you do wrong, nor a guide on spirituality with prepared answers on questions, about life.

No one here is smarter than you.

We want you to rest at peace with yourself.
Do, whatever you want in discrete surroundings of a miraculous island…
To come back to yourself…