Golden Island Incentive

What is the GII Program

From here to yourself

Mindfulness… it’s not a trend…, it’s a way for more valuable life…
The need for concentration on the moment, yourself, nature, world…. Comes to us on its own.
This process can’t be rushed, it can’t be forced.
You simply have to be ready.

Meeting “From here to yourself” doesn’t have one precise, structured agenda.
For every one of us the “From here” begins in a different place.
We start form distinct places, from different times, because of that the meetings are tailor made, considering the needs and intentions of the guest….
but also in regard to personal preferences.

Meeting “From here to yourself” is a balanced mixture of transformation, rest, relax, spirituality; sprinkled with parts of solutions, which will let you run your business without harm to your psyche.

It is also reaching fully for nature and its resources and the task of getting rid of the “toxins” inside of you.
Also remembering that “From here to yourself” meeting is only the beginning of the path, the opening to inner growth.
You won’t get the seven golden rules from us, it’s also not a “How to find yourself in five days” course.
It’s a beginning of a great journey, which can last for a lifetime.


Together we will determine the goal of your stay on Porto Santo.
We will take a look at the challenges and your expectations.

The course consists of: conversation and discussion; it’s simultaneously time for coexistence with nature – recovering what is best and most important to a human, and from individual dose of pleasure.

It’s also worth mentioning that, the place itself brings us closer to earth’s core.

Endless horizon, little island on the Atlantic ocean, golden
healing sand, volcanic peaks, delicate subtropical climate, sun, will
help us – organically – get closer to nature, to ourselves.


Mindfulness is an entrance to inner you, a way to discover peace, but above all it’s about keeping a healthy balance between what is inner, inbred, and what comes from the outside, including your career. The experience in business field of our trainer and her long way to become a professional mindfulness teacher is priceless. 

Besides transforming meetings “From here to yourself” is a dose of pleasure, a feeling of calmness, peace. One of the goals is to realize the importance of pleasure, which we can give to ourselves and receive. Without remorse or guilt.

So, if you like to play golf, or would like to try it, we invite to a professional golf course.


If scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, mountain climbing, painting, pottery or food is the thing that ignites your senses, we will experience all of that, cook together or eat delightful Portuguese treats.

Some technical advice

Straight from the
airport we will take you to our house or hotel – your choice. It’s our oasis in the middle of the island, under the most beautiful
mountain on Porto Santo – Pico de Castello, in which, surrounded by nature, you will feel like home, you could relax and just be

Because of the individual nature of the training, we don’t make “systemic” sign ups, from “whichever” of May, to “whichever” June.


You can come for a week, you can stay for three months, hoverer long you want.


We can arrange everything directly:


Mobile: +351 965 639 520